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28 September 2019
20 July 2019

"The Peoria Art Guild was fortunate enough to be able to host a party at The Castle for artists participating at the Fine Art Fair. The grounds and building provided an extremely impressive backdrop for our event. Most of the artists were from out of town and they were thrilled to be able to experience the evening at such an iconic landmark, on ‘the world’s most beautiful drive’. Our guests were so impressed with The Castle, that area of Peoria and our devoted event planners.  As hosts, we couldn’t have asked for better people to work with - they made us look like superstars!  It was truly an evening we will never forget."

Kim Sanders

"On July 20, 2019, we were unbelievably fortunate enough to have the stars align and our dreams come true . . . we held our wedding at the elegant Soderstrom Castle!  We had long hopedthis could be possible, having volunteered for many events at the Castle and been guests at several fundraisers and special events.  Even as the day approached, it seemed unreal that it was happening!  We held our ceremony in the beautiful sunken garden, and the reception under a high peak pole tent and wood dance floor, all lit with Edison bulb string lights. All of the vendors were excited to be a part of our wedding at the Castle, from the florist to the photographer.  The Castle grounds were in full bloom, adding to the fairy-tale setting. Guests were just as thrilled to be able to see this Peoria landmark up close.  Out of state guests from Florida to California, Michigan to Arizona, were amazed such a magical place was in the middle of Peoria! We can’t thank Dr. Soderstrom and his staff enough for the chance to make Soderstrom Castle day one of our Happily Ever After!"

Dorinda & Steve Christopher